Chudnovsky Algorithm

Currently recognized as the fasted known method for the calculation of the digits of pi the Chudnovsky Algorithm and converting such into computer science capable of being calculated within a computational device is my current hurdle within the creation of psuedocode as well as the continuation of my project.








Taking a rather large turn in the direction of my study I have now come upon a long standing issue within the fields of mathematics as well as the hopeful creation of a resolution to such implementing computer science and have currently begun in the creation of psuedocode  implement C# XNA for the determination if all sequences of numbers can be found within the non-ending mathematical constant which is Pi sorting through a large sample of digits within Pi, currently numbering thirty million, although subject to increase, searching for a specific sequence as determined by myself  for the collection of data if such a hypothesis is in fact affirmative.

Psuedocode will soon be finished and hopefully a functional program established before the end of the following week.

The Latest and Greatest…

In the world of not only computational hardware but also many modern technologies throughout the scientific community, research as well as development of such technologies often as well as frequently is improved and upgraded, quickly making past frontier technologies obsolete in a matter of months. From such, keeping up with the latest and greatest, especially concerning computational hardware as well as technology can be quite the task to take upon. From Intel’s soon released fourth generation processors to Nvidia’s upcoming as well as highly anticipated Maxwell architecture keeping up with technological advances in the field of computational hardware can all be accessed easily as well as comprehensively through Motherboards.Org for the latest and greatest within the field.

Unlocking True Potential

The Ballmer peak is something I came across researching the intricasies as well as personalities of those who happen to be programmers or those who are inclined in such skills.

The Ballmer Peak

The Ballmer peak is something I came across researching the intricacies as well as personalities of those who happen to be programmers or those who are inclined in such skills — something I currently look into to further research.

Fellow Socialist Liberals …

Deviating slightly from my normal path of thought as well as research I have found myself looking into the development of games through the medium of a sophisticated game engine such as the popular Unreal Development Kit, or UDK, I’m sure after a bit of dabbling over the weekend I’ll be ready to develop my first multi-million dollar video game — Nonetheless, this is myself signing off for the weekend, long live the Queen, all hail Mother Russia, and au revior, may you live long and prosper, fellow socialist liberals.


I’ll Be Waiting For My Nobel Prize In The Mail…

Good news once again, everyone, my plan for world domination continues as planned despite the omniscient Wikipedia claiming such to be in a “Relative stage of infancy”, quantum computing has seen much development in the recent past, but still continues to not be developed, equipped with my comprehensive knowledge of quantum mechanics and computational complexity theory I will simply have to take matters into my own and develop a quantum computer for myself — how hard could it be?



Good news, everyone, I’ve been able to make a substantial amount of progress and have devoted much time to maintaining my current status of not making progress.